Mount Elgon. Sasa / Sipi Trail. Two days.

Mount Elgon. Sasa / Sipi Trail. Two days.
Sunrise on the caldera. This was a trip we had previously done where we did the Sasa trail in two days.

In the first weekend of November a friend and I embarked on an ambitious hike across Elgon.  The Sasa trail up and Sipi trail down is one of the most common routes up the mountain and is usually done in 4 or 5 days.  We were going to do it in two.

To make things harder we were in the middle of rainy season and it was very very wet.  We were carrying all our own gear with no porters.

Day one was a 5am start and started poorly with a motorbike crash during the initial journey to the trailhead which left me with a bad exhaust burn on my leg.  Undeterred we carried on and reached the top camp at Mude by arourd 12.  Dropping our packs at camp we made the summit by 2.30 in the midst of a hail storm.  

Day 2 on paper was going to be a 50km day – turned out it was a bit less than we thought – our gps showing we had covered 41.5 by the time we arrived in Sipi River Lodge!  A long day with swollen streams, wet feet, a lot of mud but great times.

It was wet up there, wading through the caldera early on day 2.

We were pretty tired and just a little sore and broken by the end – we spent about 22 hours hiking around 70km with almost 4000m elevation gain.

Nearly there.

Awesome trip!!

Back in Sipi for sunset.

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