Race Report : Rwanda Enduro 2019

Race Report : Rwanda Enduro 2019

The first Rwanda Enduro took place May 24-26th 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda.

It was the dream of young Moses King, a Kigali resident who was busy with his final school exams on the run up to the event! Moses was super fired up to put on an Enduro race and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

After reaching out to a few people in the region and a few friends of friends hearing what was going on Moses got in touch with Rene Damseaux – AKA Congo – AKA the Professor and better known as the man behind the Kingdom Enduro trails in Lesotho and RAD RIDES in Molini Italy.

Rene came and put 6 weeks work into the hills on the edge of Kigali and has created the start of an incredible new riding zone in Africa!

It was an incredible week. It was definitely a community effort – with Simon and I helping set up the timing system, and everyone chipping in to help. We had a good contingent of Kenyans over, two of us from Uganda, Vincent from Burundi and some local Rwandans. It was a good crew and made for some exciting and close racing. We were incredibly lucky with the weather – rain on the training day was super interesting – but we were all glad for dry days on the race days! The trails are incredible – and only 30min from downtown Kigali! Fast flowy singletrack, tech, semi-urban sections, river crossings. Just an amazing landscape, which with Rene’s eye was transformed into some incredible trails!!

Well done and big props to Moses and Rene for making this happen!! If you’re in Kigali – all the trails are on the Trailforks app and you can get a Moto uplift up the tarmac road and session the trails!! Good times!!

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