Frequently Asked Questions.



How can I find out more information?

For all the information about a specific trip please contact us and request an information pack. The information pack contains everything you need to know and will be specific to the location and type of trip you want to do. It contains everything you need to know about the destination how to get here, medical information, how to book etc.

What kit will I need?

Again all information is provided in the information pack, however the majority of our trips are run in warm tropical climates, so; bike, bike gear, clothes for warm climate and a few spares. You won't need anything too special!

How can I prepare?

Let us know if you want help with a training plan - you really do want to be at your optimal fitness to get the most from your trip, but its all good - we know you're busy so just let us know where you're at and what you want to do and we'll help you out. A good guide is to give us your average per week training hours and we will get a good idea from that and point you in the right direction as to whether you're on point or need to up your training!

Will I need travel insurance?

Yes you cannot join a trip without insurance and it is your responsibility to make sure it covers you for all the activities, altitudes and all the regions you intend to travel - our guides use world nomads as they are pretty incredible at covering all that we do - link here. All this information is in the terms and conditions and booking information. We will send this information to you with no obligation for you to book, so get in touch.

Do I need to bring my own bike?

For all of our East Africa trips yes, we are only able to hire very basic hardtail bikes here and the ideal bike is a full suspension trail / enduro bike. 130mm suspension + is fine. Hardtail can also work - but all our trips are on technical natural trails - these are not groomed bike parks. As with all these FAQs if you're not sure just get in touch...

Do you book flights?

No but we will give you recommendations based on our experience depending on your departure country and destination. We have extensive experience flying all around the world on many different airlines with Bikes, Kayaks, Rafts and a variety of expedition gear. Get in touch and we will share all our top tips for flying with your bike / see next FAQ... 

Any advice on packing / flying with a bike?

Best advice is to buy a decent bike bag (CRC do a good price - cardboard bike box is also fine and free!!) and if you want to be extra safe / if you have a carbon frame, get a cheap foam sleep mat and give an extra wrap around the frame inside the bag. Remove your disc rotors so if anything gets stacked on the bike they don't get bent, loosen all the brake levers, gear shifters / anything on the bars so they just shift instead of getting bent / broken. Deflate the tyres but not completely. Use some old rags and t-shirts and just wrap every contact point as you pack it all up - zip ties or duct tape is the winner for this. I personally write FRAGILE and THIS WAY UP in big writing in permanent marker all over my bag and sometimes even draw a picture of a bike!!. Check your bag allowance - you should get your bike, bike bag plus a pair of shoes, a few tools and some lubes etc into your bike bag at around 23kg - lighter the better incase they drop it, however you can strategically pack extra gear as extra protection for the bike . Your second bag can take all the rest of your gear. Just call us for more info - we've done this a million times and there are some great airport hacks depending where you are flying from... Flying with a bike is actually very easy, pretty much all airlines have a policy for bikes, and its just whether there is an extra charge or not. Our information packs contain more info on this.

What happens if something goes wrong?

We claim conformity to BS8848:2014 - the gold standard in running overseas expeditions outside the UK. We have operated adventure trips in Uganda since 2004 and have been involved in the outdoor industry worldwide for over 20 years. We have a comprehensive Safety Management Plan - which will be sent on request and will be sent to you as part of the booking information pack. Our trips are not risk free - but that's kind of the whole point - we're going to take you somewhere no one else can. You have to accept all of these risks before booking, and then, we'll take you on the trip of a lifetime. Request our Safety Management Plan.

If in doubt...

Just give us a shout - we're very friendly and we have been doing this for years, we understand that you may have many, many questions! We love answering them so just get in touch and you'll be one step closer to your next adventure!