Bødo Enduro - Norway

I took the opportunity whilst visiting family in Norway this summer to expand my race carrer and experience some Enduro racing Norwegian style!

The reason I chose Bødo was simply convenience, out of all the 80/20 Enduro series events, the Bødo race fit my schedule.

So I found myself flying from Oslo up to the land of the midnight sun for an epic 4 days of riding, racing, and rain!

The one thing I have to say about racing is that aside from the racing itself a race weekend gives you the opportunity as an individual to get the best possible experience in a new place.  Once the organisers realised I was coming from Uganda to race their event they hooked me up with some locals to show me around and make me feel welcome.  I then got to ride some of the best trails Bødo has to offer, newly groomed, marked and with new found buddies, something I would never had experienced if I hadn't come to race!

Theres a few photos below - photo credit is to Arne Skjelvik.  Big thanks to the organisers of this event - the stages were super fun and a nice mix of style and terrain.

I'll have to go back as the weather was atrocious while I was there and I never got to experience the midnight sun! 


Will Clark