A short trip up a big hill. Mt. Elgon in two days... (Sasa trail)

I'm just down from a 2 day trip up and down Mt. Elgon.  I had a friend who wanted to climb but didn't have too much time, luckily she was feeling fit and strong. With the weather being pretty wet right now we just went on foot - it was a bit too wet for the bike!

Without a bike hiking up is a lot easier and we made great time from Bumosola at 1770m to Mude Cave camp at 3500m in 5 hours.  The rain came just as we hit camp so we sat round the fire and drank tea.

04:40am the next morning we were awake and 05:10am on the move up to the summit.  We hit the rim of the Caldera in perfect time and were rewarded with a stunning sunrise as the clouds cleared. I wanted to check some equipment so after a quick call from the peak on the satalite phone we were back down to the camp for breakfast.

Down down down - Climbing 800+m and then descending 2500+m in one day is pretty hard on the legs - the trail gets progressively steeper at the end - so it's an unrelenting punishment when you do the hike that quick, and you have to expect sore legs for a day or two afterwards.

If you're feeling strong and fit and want to travel light and fast then Elgon in Two might just be for you.

Enjoy the happy snaps.


Will Clark